Father John's Books

The pastor of Saint John of the Cross Catholic Church, Father John J. Pasquini, has written many books on important topics in Catholicism, from answering the tough questions posed by other religions to explaining our faith in detail with convincing arguments and debates.

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The Existence of God

Customer Reviews

"This is a profoundly thoughtful and well documented work that synthesizes the best evidence available supporting the probability of the existence of God. It is a work of great hope that nourishes our deepest longings for tangible evidences of His existence. "The Existence of God" also leads us to contemplate the dire consequences of not recognizing this faith component as essential to our well being and survival."

"This book argues for the plausibility of God over his implausibility. When one studies the plausibility of the arguments one is left with the reality that the probability for God's existence is much more likely than his non-existence. "

Atheism and Salvation


Atheism and Salvation is an original and unique work that explores in detail Karl Rahner's understanding of atheism within the context of anonymous Christianity. In light of Vatican II, Rahner contends that atheism cannot simply be understood as ignorance or willful rebellion against God. Instead, he argues that one can be an atheist on a categorical level and still be a person of supernatural faith and a Christian, albeit in an implicit or anonymous way. In addition to masterfully explaining anonymous Christianity and modern atheism, Atheism and Salvation provides a succinct summary of the traditional proofs for the existence of God. Intended for those who have an interest in the future of theology, religion and philosophy, this insightful work will leave its readers seeing reality in a new light.




Published with Ecclesiastical Approval - Authenticity, the Yellow Book of prayers by Fr. John Pasquini, can lead the soul into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, can lead to greater love of Mary which leads to the unitive life and greater holiness. The book of prayers Authenticity by Fr. John J. Pasquini is to help one grow ever deeper in the Unitive life.

Catholic Answers to Protestant Questions

Customer Reviews

"Clears up a lot of confusion and sets the record straight on many issues. Lots of answers to questions non-Catholics may ask or attack with."

"It starts with the formation of the Bible and explains what was happening at the time. He brings it all together so that we can understand."

"This book has been a great primer to better understand the Catholic faith. It is clear and concise, and an easy read."

Medicine of Immortality

 "Fr. John Pasquini's Medicine of Immortality is a wonderful source of inspiration for priests, and all who read it, to gain a deeper appreciation of the healing power of the Eucharist. His clear, succinct presentation of the Mass offers a pastorally insightful explanation of the mystery we believe, we celebrate and which we are called to live out in our lives. The prayers and meditations compiled in his book offer opportunities for spiritual reflection which will assist the reader in growth toward a deeper understanding of the mystery of the Eucharist."

"There are many apologetics books on the Eucharist. This one is quite different in that it very succinctly reviews Holy Scripture and the Early Church writings on the Eucharist in only 16 pages. Thereafter follow prayers describing this intimate union with Christ in the Eucharist. Great for Mass! Father also has a wonderful prayer book entitled "Authenticity" that are prayerful meditations before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Both books contain traditional prayers as well as prayers from the heart which will help the reader speak to our Lord at a profoundly deeper level."