Location, meet the clergy, parish history, patron saint, and other pertinent information.
Overview of the sacraments and preparation for the reception of the sacraments.
A general listing and explanation of ministries available in the parish.
An overview of Catholic teachings and belief.
Scheduled events taking place within the parish and community.
For baptized Catholics who left the Church and want to come home.
Traditional Catholic prayers and devotions; pray the Stations of the Cross on-line.
Becoming a Catholic: information, preparation, and initiation.
Vero Beach hall rental: wedding receptions and more...
Catholic resources on the web.
 Have a question? Ask it. If we don't have the answer, we'll find it.
Parish religious education, adult faith formation, home schooling and Catholic Universities.
Catholic gift ideas for adults, children, and families.
Questions and answers about Catholic teachings on faith, morality, and other areas of interest.
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Catholic Church in Vero Beach, FL providing an inviting atmosphere to young families and retirees
who are seeking solid ground in these difficult times.

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